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"I truly believe in the power of relationships and that’s why I chose eXp, a company focused on helping agents and brokers succeed professionally and grow financially.


I also know how important it is to be surrounded with the right people and to learn from the best. So when you know that amazing people like Grant Cardone, Jay Kinder, Amanda William, and so many others, are in eXp Realty, and after so many years of experience and success in other brokers decided eXp Realty is the place where they can truly grow, you know that if you want to succeed, eXp Realty is the broker you choose to do so!"


One International Brokerage — Instead of individual franchises all over the place, eXp Realty is one brokerage, and is not only in the United States, but has expanded internationally into Canada, Mexico, the United KingdomAustralia, and Many Countries in Europe.


Virtual workplace — agents are very mobile and make their office wherever there is an internet connection is something very valuable.  


Collaborative technology — eXp uses cutting edge tools and technology to collaborate with agents and staff. Two of the main tools are eXp World and Workplace, which are used 24/7, and allow agents to interact seamlessly across states and time zones to talk out ideas and build referral partnerships.


Live training and classes — While traditional brokerages may have some cursory classes and onboarding, eXp’s training is robust and ongoing. New agents are given a curriculum to follow for the first few months. There is continuous support with live, ongoing classes 50 hours a week for all agents covering tips on sales and listings, lead generation, social media, CRM tools and more. Sessions are recorded, so there’s no fear of missing a class! 


Real-time support — eXp’s IT and service support staff is available during working hours across U.S. time zones, offering support for any question or need — technical or otherwise.


Marketplace partnerships — eXp’s Preferred Partner program provides eXp Realty agents and their clients with a marketplace for home-buying and -selling services such as mortgages, title, escrow, moving services and home warranties. Everything is set up for an eXp agent to seamlessly keep the transaction moving forward.


Agents can be shareholders — Yes, that’s right. Agents can receive shares of stock in eXp World Holdings (eXp Realty’s parent company) after reaching milestones. Owning stock in the company not only provides financial security , but it also gives agents a voice in the company and enhances their commitment to helping eXp succeed.


Bigger commissions — At eXp, the commission model is an 80/20 commission split with a $16,000 annual cap. That means each time an agent closes on a property, they keep 80% of the commission and 20% goes to eXp. Once the agent hits the $16,000 cap in their anniversary year, they keep 100% of the commission per transaction.


No costly overhead — Traditional brokerages have hefty setup charges for agents. But since eXp is a virtual environment, agents are not hit with costly overhead fees passed onto them for brokerage operations such as rent, desk fees, insurance, utilities, furnishings, staff and more. This frees up profits, which go back into the eXp business for agent support, training and technology.


Revenue share plan — Whenever an eXp agent brings a new agent into eXp, they are “sponsoring” that agent and can receive revenue share income from the future sales activity of that sponsored agent. To be clear: eXp pays that share — not the new agent.


Healthcare — Starting in 2019, eXp introduced innovative and low-cost healthcare options for agents.  While some real estate brokerages do offer health insurance plans, this is just another example of eXp prioritizing its agents’ well-being and success.

Let's Talk eXp
  • Unlimited access to Nacole Ricks (via cell phone) for anything you need - seriously, I am your business partner!

  • Nacole’s coaching, mentoring and all other training lifetime access


  • Access to Nacole Ricks’ Inner Circle (Icon Agents, Referral Partners, Title Companies, Lenders, Virtual Assistants, Transaction Coordinators, Anything You Can Dream Of…)


What you will get when you partner with Nacole Ricks & The APG Team at eXp Realty:

Additional training received when you partner with Nacole Ricks & join the APG Team:

  • Hours of Masterminds with Jay Kinder, Amanda Williams and many other icon agents. They are your business partners. It is in their best interest that you grow with them!

  • Done for you listing and buyer presentations so you have a proven system to win clients, and access to Nacole as a 3 way call Listing Closer.

  • Referral partners and done for you lead generation.

  • Our done for you marketing and follow up campaigns that generate and convert quality buyer and seller appointments.

  • Buyer agent Training so you don’t have to invest your time training your agents every week.

  • Weekly Live Calls with Jay, Amanda & other ICON leaders on what’s working now.

  • Hours of training & education provided by eXp Realty & back-office assistance to help you live with any questions that might come up.

  • The certainty that you will be as successful as you always imagined.

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